The mission of the American Choral Directors Association is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Women’s Choirs


Prepared by Barbara Tagg, July 2020


I.    Repertoire List ACDA 2020 Southern Region Convention Reading Packet

II.   Recommended Repertoire

III.  Books

IV.  Web Resources




Izar ederrak – Josu Elberdin

SSAA                                      Walton Music/GIA WMJS1178         ©2016, 2019


Stars Above and Earth Below – Rob Swenson

SSAA, piano                           Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc.  SBMP 1581   ©2019


Liftoff Cannon Chorale – Leah Abramson

SSAA, piano                           Cypress Choral Music   CP 1662       ©2018


Caritas Abundat – Michael John Trotta

SSAA, violin and drum          Carl Fischer   CM9563           ©2018


Hold Fast to Dreams – Susan LaBarr

SSA, piano                              Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc.  SBMP 1426   ©2017


The Waiting Sky – Oliver Tarney



In Meeting We are Blessed – Troy Robertson

SSA, djembe                           Hinshaw Music HMC2589     ©2016 and 2019





How Can I Keep from Singing

Robert Lowry, Arr. Robert Hugh

SSA                                         Boosey & Hawkes  M051468591   ©1997


Amazing Grace – Francisco J. Núñez

Three-part, piano                    Boosey & Hawkes  M051468010    ©1997


Rise UP – Jake Runestad

SSAA, piano   JR0063            JR Music at (or from JW Pepper)

Susan B. Anthony text            ©2016


The Peace of Wild Things – Sean Ivory

SSAA, viola, piano                 GIA Publications WW1780    ©2017


Shanti (Peace) – Mark Sirrett

Buddhist mantra:

Peace, may all beings be well and happy

SSA, glockenspiel, finger cymbal, gong and drone

Boosey & Hawkes  ISMN 9790051479849   ©2010


I hope you’re doing well — Dale Trumbore

Aleatoric piece on zoom See link:
A Way to Be With You – Dale Trumbore

Aleatoric, flexible voicing


Ave Generosa – Ola Gjielo

SSAA unaccompanied            Walton Music /Div. of GIA    WM1653    ©2017


Flying Solo – Philip E. Silvey

SSA, piano                              Carl Fisher Music CM9626    ©2020


Spes (Hope) – Mia Makaroff

SSAA                                      Walton Music WM1777         ©2020


Threads of Joy – Tim Brent and Amanda Quist

SSAA, piano                           Walton Music WM1805         ©2020


Hate Has No Home Here — Andrea Ramsey

SSA, piano                    


As You Sing (from Nine Secular Works for Upper Voices) – Sarah Quartel

SSAA and hand drum   Oxford University Press  ISBN 978-0-19-35421-7 ©2018


Will the Circle Be Unbroken – Trad. Appalachian, arr. David Moore

SSAA                                      Fresh Ayre Music   FAM 1072-02     ©1988


A New Psalm (Psalm 98) – Ken Berg

SSA, sop. solo, piano              E.C.S. Publishing 1.3484        ©2016


Salve Regina – Miklós Kocsár

SSAA                                      Kodály Intezet  (Order from Hungary)


Gaelic Blessing – John Rutter

SSA, piano                              Oxford University Press  ©1998/2019


One Voice – Ruth Moody

SSA, piano      Score:


Faith is the Bird that Feels the Light – Elizabeth Alexander

SSA a cappella                        Seafarer Press  SEA-068-00    ©2002


Bye and Bye – Rollo Dilworth

SSAA, piano                           Hal Leonard    00325496        ©2020


Where There is Light in the Soul – Elizabeth Alexander

SSA a cappella                        Seafarer Press SEA-070-02    ©2009


Cherish Your Doubt – Elizabeth Alexander

SSAA, piano                           Seafarer Press SEA 063-02    ©2007


Calm the Tempest of My Heart – Elizabeth Alexander

2, 3, or 4 part treble flexible voicing Seafarer Press  114-00   ©2012


Reasons for the Perpetuation of Slavery – Elizabeth Alexander

SSAA a cappella                     Seafarer Press  SEA-091-00   ©2010

ACDA 2010 Women’s Chorus Commissioning Consortium


A Palette to Paint Us As We Are – Elizabeth Alexander

SSA, piano                              Seafarer Press  SEA-014-02    ©2012


Will the Circle Be Unbroken – Trad. Appalachian, arr. David Moore

SSAA                                      Fresh Ayre Music   FAM 1072-02     ©1988


Bonk’ Abaphandle – Michael Barrett, Mbuso Ndlovu

SSAA, percussion                   Walton Music WW 1843        ©2020








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Includes an extensive treble choir repertoire list.





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